WorldBit Explorer is our centerpiece market-ready Dapp, whose data can be accessed online and through a mobile app available for download in the AppStore and Google Play.  WorldBit Explorer (we call it "WBex") is an immersive AR (Augmented Reality) e-commerce platform for businesses and individuals to buy, sell, auction, or trade goods and services in a safe and secure environment. 

WBex allows users to decentralize even decentralized solutions- enabling the functionality of eBaytm, Amazontm, Alibabatm, or their own Ubertm or Airbnbtm.  WBex uses smart contracts to decentralize these operations, allowing safe and accessible, and customizable transactions. 

As the user, you become agent, auctioneer, dealer, marketer, merchant, representative, retailer, reseller, shopkeeper, trade, barterer or vendor--in an instant. The platform offers extended capabilities to legacy e-commerce services without middleman or banks.   Users create Objects in the form of title to their  goods or services and leave these in portals (mapped locations) they create- or wherever they want on the map.  WBT, WorldBit Tokens, are issued upon creation of these objects and given in increasing percentages to the user over time.  All deployed objects and portals in the system are visible at any time.  

WorldBit Mall is a way of viewing subsections of merchandise in the WorldBit inventory. It is a place to shop for categories of merchandise as a user may wish to display it; a broker site if you will.

WorldBit Intel is a web-based map browser to visualize WorldBit portal and object raw data, and with links to the underlying IPFS files related to any object or portal, as well as a way to chat online with other users.

Raffle Panda is an Ethereum-based, autonomous, decentralized smart contract and mobile application that allow the user to create their own lottery or raffle as a fundraiser, as an alternative to GoFundMe. User sets their financial target to raise, tell the system 1st prize and amount, how many 2nd prize (i.e. how many price tiers) and the amount of their prize. The financial parameters of the lottery are  generated and the smart contract is spawned- when lottery tickets are all sold, the raffle automatically runs and distributes prizes using true random algorithm.  Raffle Panda be run or licensed in lawful jurisdictions. Currently runs only on iPhone and on ETH platform and all prizes are in ETH.

WorldMesh WIFI is an open source mesh WIFI routing solution.   

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