Capitulation and Recovery of the Free Software Movement.

18 Sep

Over time, the ideals of the Free Software movement and the mentality of the General Public License gave way to centralization and loss of privacy, particularly illustrated around the adoption of the Linux operating system and its operation by the average user.  The process of compromise and stages of degradation will be examined, along with their consequences- and we will explore requirements for potential renewal of the best of these ideas- which have not yet achieved their intended benefit on behalf of the public.  The capitulation of Richard Stallman as head of the Free Software Foundation this week marks the end of this era, but the benefits that were envisioned by the Free and Open Source Software movement, and the ethics upheld by the SAGE Code of Ethics are keys to a new future free that actualizes the intended benefits of this approach to applied technology.  

This is a speech at WyoHackathon given by Stuart Trusty 

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