We Are Web 3.0 Creating A Decentralized New Economy

WorldBit Framework White Paper 

WorldBit International,  LLC is a blockchain lab with a centerpiece project of an augmented reality social marketplace. WorldBit International has products and services related to development of blockchain and distributed ledger technology and several market ready applications including market-ready cryptocurrency- based mesh WIFI routing solutions, smart-contract engineering, blockchain framework, ethereum and solidity development.

Some of our recent engagements
2017 - Jiva Institute of Vaishnava Studies, create framework for a Sanskrit-based word game similar to the game "Scrabble" as a Sanskrit learning tool. For Vrindavan Today, UDRP management and copyright intervention, emergency parallel system with no downtime. Setup of online classified framework.
2018 - For Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and Art of Living, deployed UHF wireless mesh network system testbed in Bangalore, and later partnered on blockchain-enabled Unified Rewards and Loyalty System.
2019 - Provided the only high-speed, Internet access to the city of Varasana on behalf of Ramesh Baba ji at Man Mandir as a public safety system using WorldBit mesh network technology. Open RADIUS portal employs user KYC through OTP per India regulations.